Super Mall Tycoon

Welcome to the world of Super Mall Tycoon, where your dreams of creating and managing your very own mega shopping empire come to life! 

Manage your shopping mall

Satisfy your customers

Prevent CHAOS!

Design your own mall!
Create the most beautiful, functional (and profitable!) mall that ever existed. Make smart business decisions.

Optimize the layout of your mall, move walls, place restrooms and build a big parking lot for all your shoppers. Expand your mall and buy the property right next to your mall to welcome even more money spenders.

A bench here, a bin there, and here we go!
Oh wait, that’s not enough?
Choose from a full array of items to improve your mall and make it the most awesome place anyone has ever seen.

Make your mall a welcoming place, where every customer loves to spend every penny of their hard-earned money.

Get the best shops!
Hire a realtor to find shops for your lots and contract more or less renowned brands. Keep in mind that you have to balance the needs of your customers, the monthly rent and the prestige of the shop.

Keep your mall tidy and functional by regular maintenance and cleaning, or hire a handyman or janitor to do these tasks for you. Hire marketing talents to advertise your mall or single shops (yes, you can put them in funny costumes).

Craft an unforgettable experience for your visitors and keep them happy all the time. Little Susi is very serious about here milkshake, you don’t want to disappoint her. All customers will post a rating online as soon as they leave.

Improve your mall quality and reach the highest ratings!
Happy customers, the perfect shops and a beautiful mall – running a great mall isn’t easy.
It will pay off (literally).

Pay attention to the challenges set by your shareholders. They sometimes seem a bit strange, like why should you like your elbow, but that’s the way to become a master manager.

You just managed to perfect your mall? There are way more malls waiting for your super tycoon skills.

Use all the statistics and graphs provided just for you, they will help you to analyze your biggest spendings, see the hottest shops and find the reason why the toilet are always so smelly.

Always keep an eye on regular or irregular events, you want to be prepared when the holiday season comes or the most popular influencer visits your mall. Hire some security just for the case that something goes wrong.

Want to join us on our journey of developing

Super Mall Tycoon?

Join our Discord server 

Say hi to our developer and artist Beate!

All those super-complicated algorithms are a breeze for her, implementing them straight into working code.
Do you like the graphics of our games? That’s also on her!
She produces cute vector graphics at a rate like the customers spend money at your mall.

Welcome John, our game designer and developer.

Who has a ton of ideas for the game?
Who needs to be stopped as soon as he opens his mouth, before the game becomes even bigger?
That’s right, that’s John.
He also plans the whole programming architecture for Super Mall Tycoon and codes swiftly all the new features.

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Beate und John Kulha
Hofmühlgasse 13, 1060 Wien

Ein privates Spielprojekt

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